Retail Sanitation Solutions for the CoronaVirus Crisis

By Phil Scoble

In the current crisis many supermarkets and other essential retail stores are implementing new policies to deal with the CoronaVirus spread and help their customers and employees maintain good hygiene and social distancing practice in store. 

We offer a number of solutions that can help this process and build safety into normal operations. 

Retail customer management

Floor Stickers

Large and easy to understand floor stickers are a simple and quick way to ensure social distancing. These stickers can be installed in seconds and can show any branding you wish:

Retail Floor Stickers

Tensator Barriers

Create physical barriers to help your customers keep the distance they need, without having staff intervention: 


Freestanding Poster Frame

Getting information across to customers can sometimes best be done through simple displays, and these freestanding poster frames are easy to use anywhere around your store, giving the information your customers need in the simplest way:

Poster Frames 

Hand Sanitisers 

Hand sanitation is now a part of daily life, but with staff constantly touching new deliveries, and potentially interacting with other staff members and the public, it’s vital to provide more sanitation stations. 

We offer single dispensers, double free-standing stations, five dispenser freestanding and 10 dispenser freestanding stations, for use front or back of house… 

Small Hand Dispenser Station

Large Hand Dispenser Station

Large Double Sided Dispenser Station 

For more details call our team on 01242 663149, jump on the chat on the website or drop us an email: [email protected] 

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