Rational Self Cooking Centre Electric Combination Oven XS Model

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The new Rational Self Cooking Centre Electric Combination Oven XS Model is a game changer in the industry – opening up the world of top-quality combi’s for smaller businesses whilst giving larger operators the chance to add flexibility to their kitchen without using too much space or costing the earth.

With all the features you have come to expect from Rational, in a small, tabletop package, the XS has more than 1,000 programs for cooking food to perfection, temperature probes and self cleaning systems. This model also has a clever condensation system that reduces the burden on extraction systems and can still produce up to 80 meals a day!


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W: 655mm x D: 555mm x H: 567mm


– Connected load: 5.7 kW
– Voltage: 3NAC 400 V
– Weight: 72kg
– Water Inlet: R3/4"
– Water Outlet: DN 40
– Convection Output: 5.4kW
– Steam Output: 5.4kW


– iCookingControl with 7 applications for a wide range of foods
– Low temperature cooking and overnight cooking
– Delta-T cooking for gentle cooking of large meat cuts
– iCC Cockpit – graphically supported view of current cooking chamber climate
– Self-teaching operation
– Combi-steamer mode with the modes: Steam 30-130 °C, hot air 30-300 °C, combination of steam and hot air 30-300 °C
– Automatic Finishing® process for plate banqueting, buffet, à la carte etc.
– ClimaPlus Control®
– Efficient CareControl – automatic cleaning and care system for cooking cabinet and steam generator
– 1,200 programs with up to 12 steps can be selected as required


– 6 x 2/3 GN
Prepares 20-80 meals per day

Additional Information

*Please note that there may be a variety of power connections available with this product, or it may require additional connection equipment. You may also want to add additional accessories such as a stand, castors or connection hoses. Please check with your U-Select sales consultant when enquiring about this piece of equipment.