CEP Glasswasher

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We love this glasswasher because it is perfect for small cafes, bars and restaurants. Washing at 60 degrees and rinsing at 85 to ensure totally hygienic cleaning, its double-skinned stainless steel construction with cleverly rounded edges is tough and easy to clean. All the main components are easily accessible from the front of the machine for straightforward maintenance. It even cools the glasses at the end of the wash so they are ready to use immediately.

It includes a drain pump, rinse aid and water softener so that no matter where you are, what the water pressure is like or how hard the water is, you just need to plug and plumb it in and you are ready to go. Using a fixed basket which can hold glasses, cups and saucers up to 290mm in height, this dishwasher has two cycles: a 120 -second regular wash and a longer double programme for stubborn marks and stains. This tough yet quiet workhorse can run 30 washes an hour with ease.

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H: 715 mm x W: 460 mm x D: 565 mm


Weight: 37 kg Rated voltage:
240 V, 50 Hz single phase
Total Watts: 2.3 kW
Boiler Capacity: 5 Litres


• Extra program to cold rinse beer and wine glasses providing sanitized glasses, cool enough to handle • Low noise level • Equipped with drain pump for easy and quick installation without opening the machine • Simple service from the front • Equipped with water softener to ensure optimal rinsing results • Built-in rinse water heater to increase the temperature of the final rinse water • Simple control panel • 120/300 seconds cycle