Planning Ahead for the Next Few Months

By Jon Steward

There’s no doubt that we face an uncertain future with the current political situation, with many business owners unsure as to how they will be affected from April onwards. It goes without saying that none of us can predict the future but the chances are we may face a bumpy few months.

Despite this, we know that business cannot stop. Catering equipment will continue to be used and wear out, and customers will still demand an ever increasing variation in the food they consume meaning changes to your menu to reflect this.

If you find yourself needing new catering equipment, but feel the uncertain economic climate might be holding you back from a large investment, U-Select provides the ideal solution.

Our range of rental offers has been designed to take the risk out of procuring new equipment, and are ideal for times of financial uncertainty.

Whether you want to try a piece of new equipment first before you decide to buy it, or remove the risk of owning equipment completely by renting it from us, U-Select has an offer to suit you if you’re wary of investing large amounts of capital in your catering estate.

What’s more, we have access to one of the largest fleet of rental equipment in Europe, meaning that if you need something quickly, you don’t need to worry about how supply will be affected in the coming months. The chances are we’ll already have it in stock!

To see our complete range of rental and purchase offers and how they can help you spread the risk when procuring your next piece of catering equipment, please click here to find out more.

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