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If you’re looking to open a bakery, our example below gives you an idea of the type of equipment you might need. While every outlet is different, the design below provides the more common types of catering equipment found in a bakery .

Bakery Equipment

We’ve provided a weekly rental price for the prime equipment for this kitchen supplied by U-Select under our Try it, Buy it offer, which covers the equipment listed below, however if you’re just after one, or a few pieces of equipment we’re happy to help you out with these too. If you need more information on each piece of equipment, you can click through to the relevant page in our equipment catalogue.

 Hire The Above Equipment From £344 Per Week

Need Some More Help or Ideas?

If you’re just getting started, or want a bit more help or ideas regarding kitchen design and catering equipment specification, we have produced a free kitchen design guide to help you out. Simply click here to receive your copy.

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