U-Select Catering Equipment Review Show, Episode 27: Lainox Naboo Combi Ovens

By Phil Scoble


Great value fully functioned combis that will improve your production and reduce your stress. Perfect for larger, busy kitchens.


Easy to use

Simple to clean

Good to Know

Can add optional extra of button opening, to reduce the footprint of the machine

Only commercial combi with integrated Wifi connection

Lainox by Falcon

Falcon are one of the UK’s biggest  catering equipment manufacturers, and they have built a great relationship with Lainox, the world’s second-biggest manufacturers of combi ovens. They now distribute them in the UK exclusively, and provide great after sales and support to anyone who purchases them.


The Naboo (and no we don’t know why they are called that, perhaps the designers are Star Wars fans?) are the Lainox ‘intelligent’ combis, with automatic programs for scores of food types and the ability for chefs to add their own food programs too.

They are the equivalent of the Rational Self Cooking Centre range.

Lainox also do a simpler range, the Sapiens, which has a more basic programming and control system.


Naboo come in two power variants – gas or electric. You’ll need a three phase supply for the electric and a 13amp for the gas.

They also come in two size types  – 1/1 gastronorm sizes and double width 2/1 gastronorm tray sizes.

The 1/1 gastronorm sizes come in 7 rack, 10 rack, 17 rack (where they connect a 10 and a 7) and a 20 rack.

The 2/1 gastronorm sizes come in 7, 10 and 20 rack sizes.


The Naboo are designed for easy use – with a tablet-like touchscreen interface. It uses easy graphics and drag and drop to create new programs.

The machines allow you to tell the machine where the food you are cooking is, what finish you want on it and then the clever insides of the oven work out how best to achieve that with the right amount of steam  and dry heat. Basically, if you’ve used a smartphone the touchscreen will seem familiar and easy to use.

The machines have lots of tray types and other accessories that allow you to create almost any meal in them – you can even shallow fry eggs in them and grill steaks!

The Naboos also feature a simple ‘smoking’ option using scented liquids, opening up ‘barbecue’ flavours on your menu, among many other exciting and subtle flavours.

Another great option is the button opening option – which can be requested instead of a handle model. This requires only a light touch to open the door. This is a great feature to reduce the effective footprint of the machine and also if you are often in the kitchen on your own, as you can open the door with an elbow whilst carrying hot trays!

Classeq Undercounter Glasswashers Range
Merrychef Eikon e2s


The Naboos also come in three compact sizes, which put the controls on top, ditch the internal boiler (making them an injection combi) to create a small footprint machine which still has lots of capacity for your kitchen,

The smallest model, has 6 racks and takes a ⅔ GN tray, which is really quite tiny, but could transform the menu in a small cafe for example. You can also get a 6 and a 10 rack that take 1/1 GNs, for bigger establishments.


The Naboo, like all combis, have automatic cleaning systems. The Naboo uses liquid cleaning systems, rather than the tablet ones you see in some of their competitors, and this means the cleaning cycle is very quick – more than 2/3rds quicker than some on the tough clean, which is a great differentiator for busy kitchens, which often have to leave their combis cleaning overnight – not so with the Naboo, which can do a deep clean in 50 minutes or so. So you could clean your oven between your morning and evening sittings.


The Naboo range of Combi Ovens are easy to use, with a very friendly touchscreen interface, sizes for virtually every business, and extras that will allow you to cook almost anything. Their cleaning cycle is quick, their touchscreen interface is easy to use and you can even choose a compact model if you are tight on space.

All in all, the Naboo combi’s stand alongside anything in the market.  A great range of versatile and hard wearing ovens.

Learn More

If you are interested in the range of Lainox Naboo Combi Ovens , have a look at our website. We offer a variety of flexible procurement methods meaning that whatever your situation, and whether you want to rent or buy, we will have something that will suit you.  Click on the link below to see our complete range of Lainox equipment.See our range of Lincat equipment

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